The Complete Guide to Rufus

Rufus homescreen

Posted on February 13, 2020

Developed by Pete Batard, this notable bootable USB maker solution is free and open-source software that allows free use without any restriction due to copyright licensing like proprietary software and supports more than 35 languages. Users can use it to format and create bootable flash drives. Rule of the thumb, it is important to know the software requirements before you can use Rufus or any program for that matter. For that reason, we list them down below for you.

Rufus Requirements

Windows XP, Windows 7, or the latest versions
Apple iOS
1.1 MB memory space to store Rufus application
At least 8 GB USB flash drive to create a bootable drive

Install Rufus

Once you confirmed that your system meets Rufus software requirements, you can go ahead and install it. Download the latest version by clicking this link Rufus 3.8, which will prompt you the save option. Open the file and click yes when you see the “Do you want to allow this app to make changes to your device?” message.

  • Rufus installation process is easy and smooth. You only have to allow it to do the work for you, as you let it make changes on your device. You can then create your first bootable USB flash Drive or UFD.
  • Insert the UFD in the USB port and launch Rufus. 
  • Rufus can detect the presence of your USB flash drive almost right away and can manage many partition operations and file structures. So, you only need to make sure that the settings are correct. It should match the UFD you’re going to create.
  • Click on the button with an optical drive icon beside the "Create a bootable disk" checkbox option to select an image. You can search the Image to use when prompted after doing the latter. Automatically, Rufus will update the settings to best match ISO image.
  • After making sure everything is correctly set-up, you can click the start button to initiate the process.
    Click the "OK" option to continue creating your bootable UFD.
  • Double-check your external drive to make sure complete file copy.